The Thyroid Hormone

The first hormone that you should have checked out next time you’re at the doctor’s office is your thyroid hormone. Your thyroid is going to be largely responsible for driving your metabolic rate so when this hormone is low, you can expect to burn fewer calories each and every day.

This will in turn reduce the rate that fat loss takes place, so this simple check-up could really boost your diet success.

Your thyroid hormone can be helped with simple medication if it’s low, so your doctor will be able to determine exactly whether this is right for you.

Testosterone And Estrogen

The second set of hormones to know about are testosterone and estrogen. While females naturally have much lower levels of testosterone than males, they do still have it. And, this is a hormone that is responsible for lean mass building and helping you stay leaner.

If you’re very low in testosterone and high in estrogen, your body may be storing body fat more easily than it should.

Get these checked out to see if this is in fact an influence in your progress.


Insulin is yet another hormone to consider. In a healthy working body you will release insulin any time you eat carbohydrates and it will move the sugar into storage.

In those who are insulin resistant however, the body won’t respond to insulin as it should, so you’ll to release much more of it to see full effects. This could increase your risk of blood sugar lows and ongoing hunger, which means more difficulty sustaining a reduced calorie diet.

The diet choices you make on a day to day basis will impact your insulin release, so opt for the most natural carbs possible and lean towards a diet that is higher in protein and healthy fats.


Finally, cortisol is the last hormone that you may want to get checked out. Those individuals who are highly stressed out will notice elevated levels of cortisol in their body and this can mean a greater risk of stomach fat accumulation.

If you are experiencing high levels of cortisol it would be worth your while to practice stress reducing strategies so that this one doesn’t impact your progress.

So there you have the main things that you should remember about how hormones impact your weight loss results.

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