Posts elsewhere that I like

I have been reading the forums elsewhere.

Here are some posts I like.

1. Is your exercise keeping you fat? Well, my lack of exercise made me fat, but really the 6-pack is made in the kitchen, not the gym. Going to the gym 4 times a week might lose me 1kg a week, tops. More likely 1kg a month. It's the after-effect of the gym plus how the rest of my lifestyle changes, that is important.

2. The perfect fitness programme if you're overweight. If you're overweight then it is improtant not to overdo things otherwise a) you'll pull loads of muscles and b) never keep up with it. Start slowly but be consistent in your inconsistency i.e. mix your training up, but make sure you train 3-4 times a week.

3. Exercising with little time. We need an excuse not to exercise - and 'I don't have much time' is ideal. In reality we do have time. Simply get up 30 minutes early. Should I exercise on an empty stomach? Well, that means I have less energy to exercise and therefore put less into it. Build less muscle etc BUT I do save time as I don't have to save time for breakfast and then wait before I exercise. I can exercise and then eat straight away afterwards. Saving time means I am more likely to exercise.

4. A free bodyweight manual. I like anything that is free. Over the years I have trained myself to ignore the advertisements so I can get a free e-book and still not buy the product. I have sent off for the manual.

5. A fifteen minute bodyweight workout. Only fifteen minutes so no excuse not to do it. Also no equipment needed - much better for the early morning exerciser!

6. Is the burpess the most intense bodyweight exercise? If you do the burpee with a push-up, then surely, yes - which is a good reason to make it your tabata exercise. Try doing four minutes of this! The most I have managed is 45 seconds.

7. It's a good idea to have a variety of work-outs so you do not become too good at something. You can do this with a deck of cards and each card represents and exercise or frequency. Here's how to design 6 bodyweight workouts.

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