An email from Dax...

Well, I've been running around like a headless chicken for the last
3 weeks with my Look Great Naked Challengers, My 30-in-30 group and
my new courses and seminars taking up all my time but boy, has it
been worth it!

The results my groups are getting right now are nothing short of

Leading the field in the 30 in 30 'race' (not a race at all really,
they're all on their own journey) is Liz Roddis who has lost 19lbs
in 21 days (read her blog here -
but all of the other challengers are doing amazing too and showing
just what can be accomplished when you put your mind to it.

But it's not just the weight, people are losing INCHES like crazy
with many of them reporting that AFTER LESS THAN 3 WEEKS they are
now fitting into clothes that they haven't been able to wear for

Great huh?

Could you imagine giving your body a COMPLETE overhaul in 3 weeks
or less? (Would be pretty cool to get yourself in shape in time for
the summer, right?

What about if you could do it for free?

More interested?

Well, here's the thing.

I've just taken on some brand new interns at my Islington studios in
London, UK and I need to give them a crash course in getting people
into great shape fast.


I'm looking for 12 people.

Just 12, who are willing to pull out all the stops and work with my
guys to get great results over the next 3 weeks. They'll give you
great results and you'll be giving them experience and great
testimonials when they help you shape up faster than ever before.

But we're not looking for freebie-seekers XXXXXXXXXX. We don't
want people who are ONLY doing this because it's free. We want
people who are 100% committed to changing how they look and feel about
their body in super-quick time and who, if they love the results they get would
be prepared to stay with their coaches to get even greater results.

In effect, we're giving it free because we hope you'll love the
results so much that you'll stay on with us and pay for the
services (it's important that we're honest and upfront with you. This IS a
business after all!).

But either way it's win-win. My team get new experience, you get
resultsand you only ever have to pay us money if you LOVE your
results so much that you stay on beyond the 3 weeks.

Sound ok to you?

If it DOES then pick up the phone RIGHT NOW and call my Islington
studio on 0207 354 3550 and book a free consultation before we fill
the 12 slots. (Last time that took about 11 minutes!)

This is a great opportunity tom, so don't miss out. Pick
up the phone.

But hey, what if you're not living near London?

No problem!

I'm reactivating my FREE 9 day trial of my Look Great Naked
challenge for a limited period allowing you to try for free what thousands of
people have paid serious money for (LGN sells for over $200).

Just go to and put your
name and email address in the box and you'll be guided through the first 9
days of the program including workouts, diet, videos etc for no cost at

There's nothing to buy.

Use it as my guest and enjoy!

Just promise me you'll tell me how you get on with the program ok?

Well, this has been a LONG email and I'm aware of how valuable your
time is so I'll let you go.

Just make sure you take advantage of these free offers ok, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Madness not to! : )

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

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