The Dax Moy 30 day challenge - an opportunity missed

You may have heard of this.

You have certainly heard of the Elimination Diet (it's free!)

It looks like the people chosen will have outstanding results. I have linked to several of their blogs.

However these are not 'typical' weight losers.

For a start many of themn - disproportionately - are women - and for women startling weight loss is not that unusual. Usually it is just overcoming bloating - which of course is what the Elimination Diet does.

The exercise side is not that different to other 30-day plans.

Here are some of the people:

Liz Roddis http// (ask her about that 4lb!)

A typical fatty?

"I was up at 5am to do the 56 mile London to Brighton bike ride"


Sarah Brookes

"I am an advanced personal fitness trainer with an interest in fat loss and weight control -"

Not a typical fatty then!


"Currently, I am seven weeks into a 12 week program, but, while I really enjoy the weight lifting side of things, the nutrition planning is way too complicated for me."

Hardly a beginner then!!!!

Certainly very pretty, though

Natasha Broke

"I had my normal workout this morning with my personal trainer and my friend Janis (who is buddying me on the ED - what a great friend) so skipped the meltdown as she worked us pretty hard."

Ye Gods! A personal trainer!

So, three workouts a day AND a Personal Trainer.

Not exactly typical 'fatties' here!


This person certainly seems genuine.


This person seems genuine

Melissa <

"I've been doing the Elimination Diet along with Dax's Look Great Naked Challenge for about thirty days so far."

Not starting from scratch then!


Blog not open to the public


" Up at 4 am to do first round of excercises. "

Three sets/workouts a day - so much for those who say 'workout every other day'.

On this level it is not surprising people will lose weight!


"I was up at about 6 to do my first training session. It was harder than I thought it would be, but I really enjoyed it. I did the second lot of training when i got home from work. I had the wife and kids counting and timing it all..once I have finished typing this up I will do number 3, And if I can still walk go and sort my food out for tomorrow."

6 am! and far all the posts are between 10 am and 1pm.

Something's not quite right.

BUT at least it is a male posting - but he is fairly young and so the fitness gains will soon become apparent.

The reason this will work is because of:

a. elimination of certain foods
b. tons of exercise
c. peer group support
d. loads of water drunk

Also, as said, hardly 'typical people'!

It would have been so much better if those taking part had been more representative. Thus some VERY HEAVY people, some over 50, maybe a coouple in their seventies. More males. Maybe a disabled person or two.

Some unemployed.
Some in high pressure jobs.
Manual workers

You get the picture.

BUT so far we have people who have their own personal trainers, those who have been on another diet for some time, those who easily cycle 50+ miles...etc.

To be impressive TYPICAL FATTIES are neede, not a hand-picked few who self-select through their enthusiasm and the fact that - so far - most already have outside help and/or are already on a diet.

An opportunity missed!


  1. Hey George

    I think you've missed the point a little buddy : )

    People who are already training have and dieting have LESS of a result when they move to a new program than those who are sedentary and follow a poor diet.

    That's why nearly all fat loss programs choose non-exercisers to to participate as you can show HUGE improvements in no time at all.

    I chose a mix.

    I chose people in their 50's who, despite a life of activity still couldn't shift their weight.

    I chose people who were ALREADY training with a trainer yet couldn't budge a pound despite expert advice.

    I chose people who WERE personal trainers themselves but couldn't get their methods to work on themselves.

    In every case I've chosen people who were stubborn weight losers. Just ask them on their blogs.

    Even now I have a few members who are not moving their weight do easily...

    Regarding the exercise, people are getting up at 5 or 6 am at their choice so that they can fit in their workouts before work. That's all : )

    In total, my group are still doing LESS than 1 hour of exercise a day. Far, less than your average fat loss program asks for.

    The truth is George, I chose my members based on both attitude and desire as well as those people who would be a challenge and true test for the program.

    So far, all who were chosen have proven to be great choices, even those who are still struggling.

    Thanks for following their progress!


  2. While Melissa is not starting from scratch with Dax, she has definitely had a life long struggle. So sometimes snippets of a blog don't tell the whole story. She hasn't mentioned that she just finished doctor care to handle years of plantar fasciitis amongst other health problems.

    I commend your decision to lose weight. I think it's great to be healthy and totally congratulate you.

    One thing to keep in mind is that these folks are trying something that is new and not typical in their comfort zone. They need cheering on.

    Having lost 40 pounds myself - and having a desk job - I know how hard the journey can be to get there and stay there. People that are young, old, active, non-active have all sorts of struggles.


    Whatever Dax does with this experiment - it's having a profound impact on the attitude of folks. And that is something that you can't measure on the scale.

    I wish them all the success as I do you with your journey.

  3. Hi George,

    I nearly passed on the invite but your blog is too tempting. I do have a PT, once a week and she is the only thing that has kept me the right side of 200LBS (I'm 5'7). Some weeks I do loads, karate with my son (1 1/2 hours), pilates (1 hour), tennis (1 hour) plus the hour of PT but some weeks I just get the hour of PT. Every week the scales sat resolvedly at 183 lbs or thereabouts. In my own way I am a typical fatty - busy middle aged woman with kids kind of typical. Why? because I would treat myself with food, if I felt down, if I felt tired, if I shouted at my kids (usually cos I felt down or tired), when I had a deadline... This programme has so far delivered big time for me. I am not grumpy or starved. I love the workouts and even changing and showering for such a short workout means you waste less time than I have in the past going to the gym for an hour (getting there, changing, exercising for an hour, showering, changing again, getting home) - definitely more time than this is taking me every day. The time was right for me and this is the change I needed to make in my life and I am making it. When your time is right you will too.

    All the best


    p.s. densities - how many reps you do in a certain time


  4. George,
    I was not going to respond and then changed my mind.
    I am amazed you have so much time on your hands. While you quote me "up at 4 AM to do first workout" you neglected to tell the world that I had a 6:45 am flight to with all who read your excerpts, it is not truly a reflection of the entire blog or sentiment. Because whether or not I lose 30 pounds I will have lost more than if I did nothing and getting more physically fit in the process.
    I was hugely successful last year on another of Dax's programs, so he has my full confindence.