More on Dax's challenge...

I have found some more...again...women...

I will be looking for 50+ year olds (male or female)
Unemployed fatties ('fatties' meant in the nicest sense)
Ethnic differences
Those in non-manual work

My posts are not criticisms of those on the challenge (good luck to them) but of the authenticity of the 'challenge' - so far. I fully accept there could well be more people on this I have yet to identify...


  1. Last comment corrupted : )

    P.S - You raise the point that 'He's probably going to try and sell you something'

    I'm not PROBABLY, I AM going to try and sell something. I made that clear in the first email.

    The reason for the trial is to prove that the program works, get some amazing testimonials and then attrct people to the program.

    No secret there. Never has been.

    It IS my intention to create a saleable program and I hope that my current paricipants will make that process far easier than it would be otherwise : )

    The fact is, many people create their programs and sell them without truly testing them or seeing if they work.

    I never do this. I always give away the first programs for free to make sure.

    I already accomplish 30-in-30 with 1:1 clients but I've never had the experience of doing so online so I wouldn't want to promise that of an online product before I sell it.

    It would be wrong.

    So this way, I win by getting my guinea pigs and testimonials, my subjecs win for getting the program and results for free and future participants win by knowing that the results are achievable.


  2. The people listed so far in the posts are NOT atypical and neither, I suspect, are they the target market. DO many self-employed trainers then BUY another program? (More likely they develop their own and then try and sell it.) Are many first-timers on diets/lose weight programs reasonably fit anyway ('fat-fit', as in being able to cycle for long distances)?

    YES most people who buy these programs are women - but not everyone and obesity (being altruistic) is actually higher in MEN as is heart disease.

  3. Actually, I think you'd be surprised at how many fat and obese fitness professionals there are. Attend a convention sometime to see the truth of this : )

    My 'target market' are men and women who want to lose fat fast and have tried other methods with no success.

    I don't care if they're black, white, Asian, gay, straight, bisexual, able bodied, disabled, millionaires or unemployed. I don't care whether they're 20 or 70.

    Makes no difference to me whatsoever.

    This is not a scientific study or white paper.

    It's a trial that I've offered free to people who seem very grateful for the opportunity to take part and serious enough to actually complete it.

    I, in return, am grateful to them all.

    I'd be interested to see YOUR progress during the next 30 days George. I assume you are following the ED and exercising daily for 1 hour to test your own results against those of my participants? : )