Elimination Experiment Workout (Brad Pilon)

I have been reading Brad's Elimination Experiment Workout...for Workouts. He talks a lot about how people may do TOO MUCH exercise. As with Dax's Elimination Diet (in a way...) various exercises are dropped until an optimum is reached.

Here's his cheat sheet:

~Elimination Workout Cheat Sheets
1. Take your measurements
2. Measure your strength
3. Cut out all extra workouts
4. Cut out all isolation movements
5. Add an extra rest day after EVERY workout
6. Increase your rest to 2‐3 days in‐between EVERY workout
7. Reduce your exercises to only the bare minimum core lifts
8. Reduce your volume (number of sets)
9. Identify your own personal minimum
10. Identify your own personal MEASURABLE goals
11. Add in new exercises or programs for 1 to 2 month trials
12. Compare your strength and measurements
13. If they improve and move you towards your goal keep the new exercises, if they
do not, eliminate them and move on
14. Repeat steps 11‐13 as needed

I also read on the Steve Pavlina blog that if you eat organically you can eat as much as you want and you'll not gain weight as your body will simply process the food.

I also found this post interesting as it would seem to suggest that 2 x 15 minute workouts = the same fat loss as 1 x 30 minute workout. This presupposes that the afterbrun is twice as much for the 30 minute workout - which seems nonsense. If, for example, you did 5 x tabata workouts a day do you really think the afterbrun in total would be the same as aftare 1 x 20 minutes (when of course the intensity would be less?)

(I cannot find Brad's elimination workout experiment...but maybe if you google enough it'll be there...)

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